Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

MAT is a systematic approach to evaluating and correcting muscular imbalances that contribute to pain and injury, impeded recovery, and compromised performance.  During an MAT session, Will Mieding will use a detailed comparative movement evaluation to identify joint motion limitations.  Next, he will identify muscle inefficiencies and then use precise re-activation methods to help re-establish proper muscle function.  MAT’s goal is to restore optimal function of the muscles so you can reach your full potential.
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My body feels like it did years ago after my MAT sessions.
J.M. - 68 year old MAT client

After doing MAT with Will at Miracles Sports Performance Center, I feel like a new person. I can go up and downstairs without pain for the first time in 19 years. For the first time in my children's life I was able to go hiking, swimming, and biking with them. My 10 year old son told me he likes the "new mom". It is not an exaggeration to say MAT changed my life.
L.G. - 43 year old MAT client

My body feels beat up after volleyball practice, but feels great after MAT.
K.B. - 18 year old MAT client

I walked 10 miles this weekend and my knees felt great, I used to have pain just walking to my car.
E.R. - 56 year old MAT client