Miracles Sports Performance helps collegiate athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons by taking their physical skills to the next level and maximizing their performance. The COLLEGIATE program involves speed training and resistance training which will be more advanced and specific to their sport. Pre-hab and imbalance correction training will also be utilized to help reduce injuries and keep them playing at full-capacity. The COLLEGIATE training sessions will be 75-85 minutes long and consist of an advanced active-dynamic warm-up including muscle and neural activation exercises, progressive core strengthening exercises, advancing plyometric and speed training, as well as specific resistance training and pre-hab. Our strength and conditioning team will work in concert with your college coach to provide the level and intensity of training desired.

College athletes will typically train at Miracles Sports Performance during the summer and winter breaks. Men and women athletes are urged to continue their training during these down times of the school year in order to maintain or improve their abilities. All collegiate sports can be trained with specific and progressive training methods; no athlete should rely on skill training only.